I wanna be a businessman!

21 Dec

Hello Readers!

do you have a dream?

i mean, do you have a dream to be a businessman?

mmm, i wanna share about my dream here.

i hope i can make it happens (someday)




If i have IDR 100.000.000, I wanna build a Cafe for students and teenagers.

this Cafe will be decorated by myself, of course hahahaha

i will sell coffee, fresh juice, ice cream, loaf bread, and pastries.


and the customers will get my autograph, they can take picture with me, and they will get souvenir from me (ballon, cup, hat, bag, etc.)


Because i like being Santa Claus hahahhaa


in my cafe there will be a comfortable seating area, rooms are facilitated with air conditioning, unique decor and customer will not get bored, internet connection, etc.


and i will often spend my time there, to make them satisfied. 

i will build my cafe near by my Vocational School, so my schoolmate can get there easier :”)

i hope i can build it soon, coz i wanna be a Young Businessman 🙂

The name of my cafe is “Bokima Cafe” coz it will remind me of my beloved friend Kiki, and Erma.

If they come to my cafe they will get 50% discount!!!! Hahahaha

and this cafe will be managed by my mom ><

God please help me to make it happens! 


Mmmm maybe my cafe will be like Hatched Cafe Singapore


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