Kim Soo Hyun + Eun Jung (T-ara) will be new couple on We Got Married (MBC)???? = Not True!!

18 Aug


kim soo hyun eunjung  21


OMG… My Sam Dong T.T Since I saw that Eun Jung confrimed that rumor is ture, I look for who’s that man!!!! And found out, they already shoot on Mar. 20, 2011 T.T


I am glad to see him more often.. But not this kind!!!! Well.. Don’t get me wrong.. I like Eun Jung as well

I can imagine how sweet and lovely she will be in WGM!!! T.T


Now people says Tony An, Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Young Gwang…

Ha… Hate they not oepn the man!!!!

I’ll try to find out in on-line fandom! Please wait for update!


So they confirmed her Hubby!!!

lee jang woo  Lee Jang Woo is husband of Eun Jung (T-ara) in We Got Married (MBC)

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